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Bar Starz

Bar Starz

MPAARating: PG-13

Short Description: Barry starts college in sunny SoCal, with his friend Douglas who plans to make Barry a "Bar Star", the stud who sets the trends, gets any girl he wants, and is seen behind every club's VIP.

Genre(s): Comedy,

Derek Waters
Charlie Finn
Jana Kramer
Nikki Griffin
Jon Bernthal
Jayma Mays
Affion Crockett
Jon Gries
Charlie Murphy
Jelynn Rodriguez
Eric Ladin

Michael Pietrzak

Long Description: Straight-arrow Barry has moved 3000 miles away from lackluster Ohio to attend college in sunny SoCal, and his friend Douglas has come along for the ride. Barry has his education on his mind; Douglas, the consummate mover-and-shaker, plans to make Barry a "Bar Star." Everyone knows the "Bar Star," the nightclub denizen that: like James Bond, he knows that every woman wants him, and every random guy wants to be just like him.