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Man From Elysian Fields

Man From Elysian Fields

MPAARating: R

Short Description: A failed novelist's inability to pay the bills strains relations with his wife and leads him to work at an escort service where he becomes entwined with a wealthy woman whose husband is a successful writer.

Genre(s): Drama,

Andy Garcia
Mick Jagger
Anjelica Huston
James Coburn
Olivia Williams
Julianna Margulies

George Hickenlooper

Long Description: A writer is unable to financially support his family when his publisher rejects his most recent novel. While drowning his troubles at a local bar, he meets Luther (Mick Jagger), the head of an exclusive escort service, who recruits the desperate, down-and-out author into the business. He is assigned to be the male escort for Andrea Alcott (Olivia Williams), a beautiful and lonely woman who also just happens to be the wife of one of the most famous writers in the world (James Coburn). Byron becomes involved not only with Andrea, but also with her husband, who is in ill health and has only a little time left to live. He tries to keep his nighttime life a secret from his family, but eventually everything crumbles, leaving the writer to decide what is really most important.